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Now, Imagine a Journey Where You Can…


  • Fuel your faith, increase your energy, and transform your temple.
  • Figure out a way to work a health into your lifestyle
  • Achieve your goals through the devotion, nutrition and fitness with a group of like-minded women fueled by faith.
  • Gain resources that make everyday life more enjoyable.
  • Find the value of self-care in your life.
  • Practice healthier living with all three aspects of health - spirit, mind and body - connected


What is Bibles and Bootcamp?

6 Week Transformation Program

For 6 weeks, we will spend time in scripture and with devotion, meditation, healthy habits and self-care. A The step-by-step program to help you in YOUR journey.


Walking on our journey in a Community

I will be leading you with other women holding you accountable as you navigate faith and fitness.  


Adopting Biblical Practices for Life

The Bootcamp combines Biblical principles found in God’s Word on how to live a healthy lifestyle.


Honor Your Body

Through the combination of 6 weeks of scripture + a daily training guide + a recommended food program, we will begin to make lifetime habits that affect both our spiritual and physical body.


Inspires the Mind

Through 6 weeks of daily devotions, scripture prompts and meditations + focused self-care, we will release stigmas, dependencies and idols that have affected our Spirit, mind and body and progress us on our journey.


Learn Strength Training and Relaxation Methods

This program is not just a workout program. We have daily training tips to help you adopt daily healthy habits in your life such as relaxation, fellowship and rest (both spiritual and physical).


Join the Bible and Bootcamp & connect with women fueled by faith seeking to honor their temple.

Your Bible's and Bootcamp Membership Includes:

  • Coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer
  • Daily Scripture, Devotion, Meditation and Prayer
  • A grocery list of approved foods
  • Healthy Eating guidance and accountability
  • 3 Week E-Course on Healthy Eating Guidelines
  • Science-Based Workout Routine
    • 18 total varied workouts scheduled on calendar
    • 5 Scheduled Weekly Workouts vary from 7-30 minutes with App Alerts
  • Daily tips and training
  • Video Exercise Demonstrations
  • Group LIVE Q&A Sessions
  • Family Friendly Recipes
  • Accountability and encouragement to help keep you focused and motivated
  • The focus, quality, intensity, and commitment you’d expect from me, a trainer with personal weight loss success!

  • All accessed via APP with personal login and password

With Lifetime Membership you also get:

  • 12 Month Access to a variety of Workouts, Calendar and More accessed via Apple and Android compatible app for a lifetime.

Bibles and Bootcamps Only $79

Bibles and Bootcamps Lifetime Membership $199




What’s Included?

6 Weeks of Effective Fat Burning Exercises

6 Weeks of Daily Devotional & Scriptures


Unlimited access + the ability to download materials offline

Healthy Eating Guidance and accountability with a meal plan including step-by-step family friendly recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner & weekly shopping lists to make your simple for the next 6 weeks. ($79 value)

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Real-Time Question and Answer


Join the Bibles and Bootcamp and connect with other women honoring their temple fueled by faith.


Who is The Bibles and Bootcamp for?

The women who is looking for a step-by-step program to integrate her faith and fitness.

If you are in desperate need of organization, need to know the next step, this program is definitely for you.

All levels of fitness are welcomed. We have custom workouts for every level.

If you’re looking for more than just weight loss and a easy way to transition into a healthy lifestyle while walking with God.

If you’re able to work on your own and ready to conquer your goals.

If you’re craving a fulfilled, purpose driven journey that helps you reach your goals, then this is the program for you.

Are you in need of a transformation inside and out?

If you need a radical shift from unhealthy and using your own will power to healthy and looking for a way to tap into God’s will power, then this is the program for you.

Do I need Equipment?

Yes, you need some basic equipment: dumbbells and a stability ball for home or a gym membership for these workouts. They can adapt to mostly anywhere you can take some time to exercise.

You need a Smart Mobile Phone or Tablet that has Apple or Google Play to access the app you can also access via computer.


Who is it NOT for?

The person who is not going to follow through.

If you don’t thrive in a step by step program that requires you to take daily action. 

If you are looking to use your own motivations and not surrender your temptations to God. 

If you're looking to participate in the workouts one day a week and expect amazing results.

If you’re looking to just lose weight and get a flat belly. 

If you’re not willing to do the work and eat properly. 

If you’re not to make a daily time commitment, devote and worship and work hard to conquer your goals on your journey. 


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